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How to become a cam girl secretly?

How to become a cam girl secretly?

How to become a cam girl secretly?

In this article, I will talk to you about secretly becoming a cam girl. Cam sex has evolved over the years or decades, but it has exploded after the Covid pandemic. So those cam models. Especially in the lockdown, many girls interested in the adult industry came into the cam sex. Some were ready to expose themselves, and they had no issues with that. But the rest don’t want to show their face or identity.

Now also, many models, including guys, want to come into this industry but don’t want to reveal their identities. This article is especially for them.

How to become a cam girl secretly?

Let’s dive into how to become a cam girl secretly: this is one of the things that many people are looking at because becoming a cam girl or cam guy is quite an excellent way to make money. And a lot of money from home and enjoy it, uh, you know what am I even trying to say? Let’s continue; It’s a great way to make a ton of money from home on your schedule. So there are obvious positives why to do It.

There are also positives in terms of some people who do this well. A lot of people who do this enjoy it. They’re not doing it as work. It’s just something they enjoy doing, but there is a problem in that there’s still obviously quite a stigma around it, which means that many people don’t want their friends and Families to find out.

  1. Choose Perfect Platform
  2. Use Country Blocking
  3. Choose a secured site
  4. Hide Your Face


1.Choose Perfect Platform

So how do you go about becoming a cam girl secretly? The first thing you need to remember is the platform choice, so if you want to do it secretly, I suggest not starting with some sites that pay high. But it is a lot harder to be secret on famous cam sex sites because their nature is that they want you to exhibit yourself on camera, the reason I’m saying on camera Publicly.

I’m saying this because those channels began as exhibition sites, which means they’re set up, so their users enjoy watching your face and expression while you entertain them. And some users enjoy getting stuff for free upfront, and only a small number of users will tip. Now a small number of users when it comes to having five to six thousand users in your feed at one time is still a large number of users compared to some of the other Platforms.

But the problem with this is if you are trying to get people into private shows, spy shows, and so on those platforms is just harder to do that. At the same time, keep yourself discreet, so you’re better off looking at places like imlive, camsoda and so on where you can do that more discreetly. Platform choice is extensive, so choose the best platform to perform. I will write another article about how to choose the perfect platform soon.

2.Block Countries:

The second thing you’ll want to do is country blocking, so all these platforms will allow you to Block certain countries from accessing your feed. Now, this is great feature for cam girls. For example, if you are Colombian and want to avoid friends or families finding out about what you’re doing, you can block anyone in Colombia from viewing this.

All of the platforms will allow you to do this under their privacy feed, and it’s a great way to stop and crack down on that happening, so if you’re worried about it, I will block those countries. And it will help you, uh, you know, keep these people off your back now there is one thing to keep in mind there. If there is anyone tech-savvy in the family or anyone who knows how to use a VPN, then they will be able to access your feed.

Now chaturbate is quite good at blocking VPNs. But you should test before you go live, put a live feed of just the room and then log in to your feed through a VPN and see if you can access it. If so, then this is, you know, something that will cause you problems. So, when you are ready to register as a cam model, block the countries whichever countries you don’t want to see your content. 

3. Choose a secured site:

Now the next thing you need to remember, especially on free cam sex sites and other platforms, is that bots are recording a live performance a lot of the time. So a quick web search will find that you’ll find most of the feeds you watch on cam on different sites. As for Recordings now, the problem with this is it’s more than just humans recording. Its incredibly advanced algorithmic Robots, usually from China and countries like that, are just going in and sweeping up. And there’s only so much security that imlive, camsoda and other top platforms can do.

So you want to be very, very aware of anything you do publicly. As opposed to behind a paywall, it is obviously at risk of being recorded and uploaded to sites. Where then friends, family and so on find out about it. So when you choose the platform, go for a highly secure one.Most of the highly paid cam sex sites are safe.

4.Hide Your Face:

So, this leads to the final point, which is what many girls are doing now who want to keep their known discretion at a maximum. You can follow the last three steps and keep discretion at 70-80 percent. And maybe not be found, but you can go down the route of sweet nameless and keep your head entirely out of the Picture. So if you’re going to do this, basically what you’re doing is you’re lining up your webcam in a way where you’re Showing the neck and below, and a lot of girls are starting to do this if they want to keep complete discretion.

And you can also use a face mask to hide your face. Now a few things you need to consider, and this is common sense: you need to keep things like tattoos and background in check. Because if the background or your tattoos are something that people close to you will realize or know about, then you want to keep those off. So that’s just a quick guide.

My bonus tip is to try that platform as a user before registering as a cam model. Just subscribe on that platform and surf in that. After that, if you are ok with that cam sex site, you register and earn money. I wish you to become a cam sex model and earn.

Mona H.