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Sex toys Myths

Sex toys Myths

I will debunk some of the most popular myths about sex toys. A myth is a widely held but false belief, especially regarding sex toys. It is My personal experience that I would like to share that sex toys are nothing to be afraid of. Yes, they are a tool for sexual empowerment. They are a tool for sexual pleasure. They are a tool for sexual knowledge so let us visit all these myths one by one.

1.Sex toys are only for women who have a hysterical disorder:

In the early 1900s, sex toys were first found to be used among women who were hysterical. It was used to treat hysteria by doctors, and that was how the overall theory came up. This is only for people who are not well in some way, and we are still living the notion that using toys means something is wrong with you. I tell you, this is false. Using a toy means that you take your pleasure seriously or You are taking in-charge of your pleasure and are open to all the innovative ways to create pleasure.

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2.Sex toys are for single people:

So again, myth number two is sex toys are for single people only or lonely people only. Well, sex toys are for everyone. Using sex toys does not mean that using toys will suck your sex life. It means you really want to explore a new way to achieve sexual pleasure. There are many ways to create innovation and more richness in your sex life. So it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong or your sex life is bad. You’re using a sex toy; on the other hand, it means, as I said earlier, that you take your pleasure seriously.

3..Sex toys will replace your partner:

Now some people, I would say some women need sex toys. Because if you know people with vaginas, they do not always orgasm through penetration alone. They need clitoris stimulation also, and the vibrators are specially custom-made and technologically designed to create that sensation and stimulation in the clitoral area. So some women need that vibe sensation to orgasm because they cannot reach it alone.

They’re alone, so it’s a good tool. I would say it’s a great body, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Men, you don’t need to be scared if your wife wants to use it. It means she doesn’t love you. There is a difference between a toy and a real human being. You would always want that cuddle; you would always want someone to look at you.

You would want someone to touch you and feel you. All of that can only be possible in the human-to-human experience. Let’s be candid, we use so many things, but does it mean that you know liking something like you like your mobile? Does your mobile phone replace your partner? No, they have different functions; they have different uses. So similarly, the toys are not going to replace your partner.


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4.Sex toys will numb your genitals:

So again, one major myth is that sex toys will numb your genitals, or they will desensitize your genitals. It’s not true sensation is not something finite that toys can take them.

The sensations are limitless, of course. If you use a very intense vibration, the area might feel numb for a time, but it will get back, so there is nothing to be afraid of; even all the research and scientific studies have said that it is not that sex toys can numb the genitals. That is also a myth. Those can disfigure genitals, a myth, so if you use the right product and check out the reviews, there is no harm. Sex toys are actually like good one made up of body-friendly material.

Like silicon abs and plastic, the shape is something that is body friendly. And one moment is, larger girth sex toys can lose your vagina; let me tell you, the vagina is a muscle. The vagina is stretchable, just like childbirth happens; the vagina stretches to the maximum limit and comes back. So the vagina cannot be loosened up because of sex toys. Because the vagina is a muscle, it will come back. So no worries on that front. So I would say yes, go ahead, take charge of your pleasure.

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Mona H.